Your Company’s Deductible and Non-deductible Expenses

You’re having a wonderful holiday trip with your girlfriend that costs you an arm and a kidney, and you thought to yourself, “Hey, why not let my company pay for it? After all, it’s my company. What’s the difference? I’ll just receive lesser dividends at the end of the year.” Without realising it, you’ve just

What You Need To Know About The Singapore Financial Reporting Standards

Whether or not accounting is your cup of tea, as the Director of your company, the onus is on you to ensure that your books are properly maintained and that the financial statements are prepared according to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards. Even though you may have someone doing the actual job for you, you

What Are The Common Accounting And Taxation Mistakes Made By Companies?

As a start-up or an SME, your company may probably lack the resources to ensure that the filing of annual returns and accounting systems and practices are always kept aligned with what’s expected of you by the statutory laws. And even though Singapore has relatively straightforward and highly efficient annual filing and payment systems, many