Are You Brand Dead? A Review by Publishers Weekly

Since the launch of my co-authored book titled Are You Brand Dead?, we, the co-authors, have received positive feedback from many people. But what made my day was the review by Publishers Weekly. Here’s the link to the review. In case you have problems accessing it, here’s what the review says: “Consultants Yap and Saksen, with help from

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter?

What would you do if your boss adds a project to your already long list of responsibilities? Say a need for fresh, rich content for your company’s website or a new employee handbook. Who would you hire to do the job? What would you request in the budget for the project? Most managers would do

How to Work With A Freelance Copywriter

Some managers and business owners tell me that while they like the idea of hiring freelance copywriters, they are often intimidated by the thought of managing them. Some believe that freelance writers are more difficult to manage as they are free agents and not employees of the company, while others get into unpleasant situations, such