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Quality writing is essential in marketing and corporate communication. Whether you are creating online content for your website or writing a business proposal for an important investment, good content written in clear, concise and compelling English conveys professionalism and sends the right message to your target audience, providing your business with a definitive competitive edge.

One Elephant is able to help you create the right words for your products and services. From initial discussion, research, draft to the final deliverable, we work directly with you to produce the copy you need.

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Your website is probably one of the most important marketing tools for your business. It's your gateway to your customers, and first impression matters. While your website design should allow for easy navigation, search engine optimisation (SEO) is just as essential. Be it a brand new website, new content for an existing site, blog or web article, our writing incorporates carefully chosen words that not only optimise your page rank on search engines, but allow for easy reading at the same time.


It takes both good design and effective copy for your marketing campaign to work well. An impactful copy often wins you half the battle in selling your products or services. Unfortunately, many marketers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars producing aesthetically-pleasing marketing collaterals without giving due consideration to developing good content. You can, however, avoid this. If you need someone to provide a fresh perspective for your marketing copy or create a brand new one, we are here to help. We provide marketing copywriting service for brochures, newsletters, catalogues, advertorials and other forms of print advertising collaterals.


Good communication does not stop at the front-line. Maintaining high quality written communication to your business partners, corporate clients as well as within your organisation is equally pertinent. To this end, we extent our services not just to the marketing or PR department, but to any corporate manager who needs business writing services for:

    - Company profiles

    - Business proposals

    - Business plans

    - Corporate manuals, such as HR manuals, student manuals, service manuals, corporate guidebooks, etc.


Over the years, we have written many articles for magazines and websites both locally and regionally. If you need someone who can craft captivating, well-balanced articles or opinion pieces, we will be happy to help.


- Ghost writing

- Translation (from Chinese to English language)

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