Quality writing is essential in marketing and corporate communication. Whether you are creating online content for your website or writing a business proposal for an important investment, good content written in clear, concise and compelling English conveys professionalism and sends the right message to your target audience, providing your business with a powerful competitive edge.

One Elephant is able to help you create the right words for your products and services. From initial discussion, research, drafting to the final deliverable, we love to work with you to produce exactly the copy you need.


While many advertising and design companies are able to produce appealing visuals and creative designs for your marketing campaigns, content development is often overlooked. With content playing an increasingly crucial role in the digital era, developing quality and relevant writing as part of your overall branding strategy is imperative.

If you cannot find the time or the staff to do the writing, a freelance copywriter can often fill the content gap for you. From web content, brochures, corporate profiles to business plans and proposals, we are able to craft the succinct copy you need quickly and effectively.

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